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You've come to the right place to learn all you need to know about ADEQ Septic Inspections and Certifications. It is our mission to education our most loyal customers, our real estate agents, about the ADEQ Septic Inspection program and services to satisfy the septic requirements. 

Full ADEQ Septic Inspection Program Information, popular Septic questions & more!

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ADEQ Septic Inspection & Certification Real Estate agent Information


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Real Estate Agents - This service is a fantastic value-added service for your clients. TKS Contracting provides generous discounts on our Plumbing Video Camera Inspection for repeat customers.

We may also be able to help you pay for this service at closing through escrow. Give our friendly office staff a call to learn more!


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Be sure to check out ourPlumbing Line Video Camera Inspection page hereto learn more about this service. The Video Camera Inspection service goes hand-in-hand with the septic system inspection. 

Be sure that the home you are purchasing has healthy plumbing both inside the home and outside the home. TKS Contracting Plumbing Line Video Camera Inspection can provide a video or real-time photos of the interior condition of their plumbing and septic drain lines.  

We offer a Plumbing Line Video Camera Inspection service discount when it is ordered in conjunction with an ADEQ Septic Tank Inspection.


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You may have many questions about the ADEQ Septic Inspection process if you have never handled one before.Don't stress - Call TKS! Our friendly office is more than happy to answer any septic inspection questions you may have. We are happy to look up your property, determine your septic tank size and quickly offer a free, flat-rate estimate for the entire inspection. in addition, we can even send you a quick email quote for the septic inspection so that you can present it to your clients for their approval. Is your client worried about the up-front cost? With TKS Contracting, we are happy to extend payment-thru-closing. If the closing date is within 15 days of the date of service,  the ADEQ Septic Inspection fee can be paid through escrow (with a valid credit card on file). Please contact Tanya in our office for more details and to see if you qualify for this offering.

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If you are a real estate agent in search of a septic inspector, look no further! We got ya covered! Our inspectors have been helping real estate agents for years to have a hassle-free, quick-return ADEQ Septic Inspection and Certification service.

Most septic inspections can be scheduled within 48 hours of the time you call and all reports (including the 7-page Report of Inspection and the 2-page Notice of Transfer) are returned back to you, complete with photographs of any issues - within 24 hours!

Best of all.. with TKS Contracting ADEQ septic inspections, you will have an upfront price, so  budgeting your various home inspections will be easier for you and your clients. Let us impress you with our septic inspection service - we'll quickly become your "go-to" ADEQ septic inspection company!We are proud to offer discounted prices to agents or companies who repeatedly use us as their primary ADEQ septic inspectors.

Important Notice for Arizona Realtors regarding the update on the On-site Wastewater Treatment Facility Addendum!

There has been a recently issued (June 2018) update to the Arizona Association of Realtors On-Site Wastewater Treatment Facility Addendum. The newer version of the addendum is a bit more detailed about the functional status of the septic system, per the Report of Inspection, and what both the buyer and seller should expect as a result of the functioning status.  Take a look at the newest version of this addendum by clicking on thelink here.