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No interceptor or trap is 100% effective at retaining grease, oils, solids, etc. The longer a device is left unmaintained, the more material can escape. As material, such as grease, leaves the device, it can coat the inside of pipes. This can lead to frequent costly hydro jetting of sewer lines. 

When a interceptor or trap in not properly maintained:

  • Excess buildup of the contents can lead to blockages or surcharges.
  • Missing or broken inlet and outlet baffles or baffle walls do not allow efficient separation of grease.
  • Grease entering the City sewer system can backup causing sanitary sewer overflows, blockages and stoppages.
  • Surcharging and blockages may force your establishment to shut down until the issues are resolved.
  • Grease over time becomes acidic and can corrode and destroy your interceptor or trap.
  • Holes in traps or interceptors can allow grease to penetrate the ground beneath the facility.
  • Additives are prohibited! Enzymes, bacteria, microbes, grease grabbers, grease liquefiers, and grease eaters should never be used and are harmful to the sewer systems.

Grease Trap & Grease Interceptor Pumping 

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24/7 Emergency Pumping Service & Maintenance Grease Trap Pumping Schedules, Grease Trap Installations and Grease trap Repairs

TKS Contracting provides full-service grease trap maintenance for your commercial properties. We know that you cannot afford to have your restaurant disturbed by nasty grease trap backups, clogging issues or that rancid old grease smell. It is important to make sure that you are pumping your interceptor on a regular schedule, jetting sewer lines and pressure washing the catch basin to prevent any of these issues.  Grease builds up quickly and complete maintenance service will alleviate those pesky disturbances. 

Are you experiencing slow drains in your commercial kitchen? Do you have that obnoxious smell near your interceptor? Can't remember when your last service was completed? Give us a call today!  We offer competitive pricing and superior service!

Do you have a grease trap emergency? Call us right away and we will have you up and running again in no time at all! We take the guess work out of your maintenance schedule with our Service Agreements - an automatic scheduled service that will keep you in compliance with City inspectors.  Call us today to learn more about how we can help your local business. 



Water is slowed down by the inlet downturn which allows for gravity separation of solids and fats, oils, and grease. Water flows through the baffles between each compartment further filtering out FOG (fats. oils and greases) and solids until "clean" water leaves the interceptor through the outlet downturn.

Grease Interceptors should be pumped every 90 days. Pumping records are required to be on-site for a minimum of three years.

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Water is slowed down by the inlet baffle wall which allows for separation of solids and FOG. Solids are blocked by baffles on the floor of the trap. "Clean" water leave the trap through the outlet baffle.

Grease Traps should be pumped every 30 days. Pumping records are required to be on-site for a minimum of three years.