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Hydro Jetting and Drain Cleaning Services in Phoenix and the surrounding Maricopa County cities.



A hydro–jetter is an advanced piece of plumbing equipment that uses high-pressure water to scour the inside of a pipeline. A hydro–jetter consists of a tank of water connected to a motor that places the water at high pressure, usually around 3,500 psi. A long hose ending with a nozzle is then sent down the drain, or into an opening called a cleanout that is used for easy access to the sewer line.

The shape of the nozzle directs the spray forwards and backwards to provide full coverage of the pipe interior. Thick, heavy clogs will break apart and then flow down into the sewer or septic system. The high pressure water will also remove debris along the pipe walls, such as organic deposits and minerals like those from hard water, grease or detergent build-up.The result is a clean drain pipe or sewer line without any damage to the pipe. The cleaning power of hydro–jetting is thorough enough that it will be difficult for build–up to start again.

 If you have a clog that won’t budge with a plunger or if you are encountering issues in your home that indicate a blocked sewer line, call on TKS Contracting for sewer drain and septic line cleaning with the power of hydro–jetting in and around Phoenix, AZ. We use the finest equipment and our technicians are experienced and skilled. For any drain and sewer cleaning that you need, make TKS your first choice.

Hydro Jetting for Residential & Commercial

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High Pressure Jetting Services serving Phoenix Metro area.


​​​​​​​Hydro Jetting (also known as high pressure water jetting) is the most effective drain cleaning method available. High pressure jetting works by removing all types of obstructions and build–up from sewer and septic drain lines without damaging them. It even helps them stay clean afterwards (compared to traditional drain cleaning).

Only trained plumbers are well-equipped to perform hydro jetting service and revitalize your drain lines. If you need a tough clog removed, grease build-up removed or if you want to schedule routine septic or sewer drain cleaning service, you should call TKS Contracting. We provide thorough work and will restore your pipes to like-new condition.

Our hydro jetting machines can clean any residential or commercial lines ranging from 2" - 6" diameter.

If you notice that one of your drains is particularly slow, then you may be like many other homeowners and just use a chemical drain cleaner. These are popular, cheap and honestly sometimes a temporary fix; but keep in mind that they can do serious damage to your drain pipes in the long–term. They are made of very abrasive and corrosive ingredients that are not good for any drain line and even worse for those of you on a septic system!

The best way to clear the drains is by having our technicians clean the lines with a pipe-safe, high-pressure jetting or drain rooter service. If you notice that all of the drains are slow throughout the entire home, then this could indicate an issue with the sewer line, which we can also address.

A pipe line rooter service is a professional service that is done by inserting a cable with a cutting device on the end of it into your specific drain. The cable is then fed into the pipe to the necessary length required to clear the blockage. The cutter on the end of the cable is powered by a small motor that allows it to circulate within the pipe and clean the clogging debris. This is an effective service for small items that are accidentally lost down drains, hair, food build-up, removal of wipes or routine pipe cleaning maintenance.

Clean drains and sewer lines allow your wastewater system to work as it should.If you find yourself standing in a bath while you take your morning shower, waiting for the kitchen or bathroom sink to drain, or hear the eerie toilet gurgle upon flushing; then you should give TKS Contracting a call at 602-601-5751. We can help you resolve your drain line issues. Plumbing issues do not correct themselves so be sure to call us at the first sign of sewer or drain line issues so a plumbing catastrophe can be avoided.

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