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Arizona adeq Septic tank inspections

Our Certified ADEQ Septic Inspection Service includes all of these services - for one price that you know upfront, based upon the size of your septic tank. 

  • Camera locating of the septic tank (eliminates mis-digging)
  • Labor to expose the septic tank lids
  • Thorough pumping of the septic tank & filter, if present
  • Inspection of the baffles, lids, and effluent filter
  • Flow test to the disposal field to ensure function is good​
  • Labor to restore ground that was removed for exposure
  • Completed ADEQ Report of Inspection and Notice of Transfer paperwork for transfer service - complete with map
  • Photos available (upon request)

Home Buyer

Be sure to check out ourPlumbing Line Video Camera Inspection page hereto learn more about this service. The Video Camera Inspection service goes hand-in-hand with the septic system inspection. 

Be sure that the home you are purchasing has healthy plumbing both inside the home and outside the home. TKS Contracting Plumbing Line Video Camera Inspection can provide a video or real-time photos of the interior condition of their plumbing and septic drain lines.  

We offer a Plumbing Line Video Camera Inspection service discount when it is ordered in conjunction with an ADEQ Septic Tank Inspection.


If you are a real estate agent in search of a septic inspector, look no further! We got ya covered! Our inspectors have been helping real estate agents for years to have a hassle-free, quick-return septic inspection service.

Most inspections can be scheduled within 48 hours of the time you call and all reports are returned back to you, complete with photographs - within 24 hours! Best of all.. with TKS Contracting ADEQ septic inspections, you will have an upfront price, so  budgeting your various inspections will be easier to for you and for your clients. Let us impress you with our service - we'll quickly become your "go-to" ADEQ septic inspection company!

We are proud to offer discounted prices to agents or companies who repeatedly use us as their primary ADEQ septic inspectors.

Home Seller

You've found the perfect home and need to get the ADEQ septic inspection completed for the home. Great! You've come to the right place!

First, prompt the seller, as the statues claim it should be their responsibility to provide you with this report. If other arrangements have been made for you to schedule and cover the costs, give us a call! We are ready to walk you thru the entire process. We would be happy to meet you at the property during the inspection, walk you through the location of your system and even educate you on the best operational practices.

Once you obtain the report and file the closing paperwork on the home sale, you will be responsible to file the Notice of Transfer and the $50 fee with the County. That's it! See our links below for filing online or in-person/mail.

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Real Estate Agents

You've got an interested buyer and you have now entered into that dreadful inspections period - well dread no more! We are here to help you. We can arrange with you directly to have your ADEQ Septic Inspection completed.

New technology with Maricopa County can also help us obtain your septic permit and location map so don't fret about the paperwork. We have you covered. Our technicians are very knowledgeable and will walk you thru the entire process. The septic inspection report will be yours to supply to your buyer and then your responsibility is complete. They will file the transfer with the closing paperwork on the home.

(Inspection reports are good for 6 months - so be sure you are ready before you schedule this service!) See our helpful links below for brochures further detailing the ADEQ Septic Inspection program.



Please note: in order for septic tanks to be inspected properly, they must be pumped out (or have been pumped within the last 3-6 months). If you can't see the components of system, it is impossible to complete the inspection report.

Also note: the septic inspection report is good for 6 months from the date of service.

The house is on the market and we have to get a what? Septic inspections can sound confusing and complex, but trust us, they are not with TKS Contracting! We are here to walk you through every step of the septic inspection process. Every employee within our company is an ADEQ and NAWT certified septic tank inspector. Our unique Arizona septic inspection service is offered to our customers as a packaged deal - one price for the entire service, based upon your septic tank size. Your ADEQ septic inspection in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale or other surrounding city will be easily scheduled through our office and dispatched for completion within 24 hours, in most cases, and all septic inspection paperwork and photos will be returned the next business day.

Call us today if you have any additional questions about your ADEQ septic inspection, need a price quote or to schedule your service. Our ADEQ certification includes the Report of Inspection and the Notice of Transfer paperwork - complete with a map of the tank location and photos of the service.

Septic inspections that are completed within 15 days of your closing day can be billed and paid through escrow! This may dramatically help your inspection budget and make the process easier for everyone involved. Please contact Tanya for more information at 602-601-5751. For even more information on what to expect with your Arizona Septic Tank Inspection, please visit our FAQ page.

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