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Septic to Sewer Conversion Phoenix

Maricopa  & Pinal County's are growing at a rapid pace. There are many capital improvement projects going on throughout all of the Phoenix metro and surrounding cities. Some of these capital improvement projects include running new sewer lines through older septic neighborhoods. Although many areas do not make it mandatory to connect at the time the sewer is placed, many homeowners choose to do so or are forced to once their septic system fails.


​TKS Contracting can help you with this process. We are knowledgeable in permitting and will help you navigate your way through the paperwork and city processes in order to be able to tap into the city sewer system.  The old septic system is abandoned and the plumbing is re-routed in order to connect to the sewer. We also do main line extensions if necessary. Call us today to learn more 602-601-5751.

Septic System to Sewer Conversion

Septic System Abandonment Phoenix
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Septic System Abandonment Services  - Sewer Connection - abandoning failed septic tanks

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When a septic system fails and you must replace it, the current system will need to be properly abandoned. In Maricopa County, there is a required abandonment permit that must also be obtained in addition to the alteration or new installation septic permit. Septic tank abandonment is needed for a couple of different reasons:

  • Sometimes only parts of the system need to be abandoned. This is called a septic system alteration and is discussed above. If you are only altering the tank or the field, you will only have to abandon the portion that you are replacing.

  • ​If you are replacing the entire septic system, the entire system will need to be abandoned. This situation will occur if you are abandoning a complete failure system, upgrading to a larger system or choosing to connect to the city sewer.

The abandonment process can be achieved in two ways. We can slurry or dirt fill the septic tank and field or we can remove it in entirety. We will advise which option is best for your particular situation.

Septic System Abandonment & Sewer Connections