If your septic tank OR your disposal field is failing and needs to be replaced, you will need a Septic System Alteration.

It is important to know that there are two equally important components to a septic system: the septic tank and the disposal field. When one portion of the of septic system has failed and needs to be replaced, it is referred to as a septic system alteration. Common situations where an alteration may come into play could be these:

  • If the septic tank is eroded, deteriorated or cracked beyond repair and the disposal field is still performing well, you may only need to replace the septic tank.

  • If the disposal field is oversaturated or the structure is compromised beyond repair, yet the septic tank is functioning properly, you may only have to replace the disposal field.

Septic System Alterations

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Septic Tank Replacement Phoenix

If the septic tank and the disposal field are no longer working, the entire system must be abandoned

and you will have to follow the new installation process.

​There are few checklist items you have to consider when filing an Alterations Permit for the septic tank.  If the home is still the same size (bedroom count) as the original system was permitted for, you can simply file an alterations permit to swap out like-for-like septic tanks. If additional bedrooms have been added without an increase in tank size, the County will make you account for those additional "bedrooms" and install a tank that is appropriate for the current structure of the home. We will also have to determine the exact disposal field method and confirm that the size and functionality of the disposal field through a Report of Inspection form.

Permitting for an alteration of a disposal field can sometimes be accomplished easily if there is a valid record of the original percolation test that was completed on the property at initial installation. This would allow us an SAR number to calculate the new field. However, if the system is older and no valid perc test is on file with the County, another percolation test may be required. Since this is such a case by case situation, TKS Contracting is happy to do a little research on your original permitting process to be able to give you the most accurate estimate for your alteration.

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