When a septic system fails and you must replace it, the current system will need to be properly abandoned. In Maricopa County, there is a required abandonment permit that must also be obtained in addition to the alteration or new installation permit. Septic tank abandonment is needed for a couple of different reasons:

  • ​Sometimes only parts of the system need to be abandoned. This is called a septic system alteration and is discussed above. If you are only altering the tank or the field, you will only have to abandon the portion that you are replacing.
  • ​If you are replacing the entire septic system, the entire system will need to be abandoned. This situation will occur if you are abandoning a complete failure system, upgrading to a larger system or choosing to connect to the city sewer.

The abandonment process can be achieved in two ways. We can slurry or dirt fill the septic tank and field or we can remove it in entirety. 

Septic System to Sewer Conversion

Septic Tank Riser Lid Installation

If the septic tank and the disposal field are no longer working, the entire system must be abandoned

and you will have to follow the new installation process.

Baffles are an integral part of the septic tank. The septic baffles help protect the sewer lines coming in to the tank and exiting the tank to the disposal field by keeping the waste out of the lines and forcing the waste into the septic tank. One compartment septic tanks will have two baffles - an inlet baffle on the end of the inlet sewer line and outlet baffle on the outlet sewer line to the disposal field.  Two compartment tanks will also have an interior baffle separating the two compartments inside the septic tank. 

Older septic tanks actually came with pre-cast concrete baffles that were attached to the septic tank walls. Over time, they will corrode away. These concrete septic tank baffles can be replaced with new PVC or ABS baffles. Newer septic tanks will also lose the baffles due to poor installation or improper drain cleaning. Professionals providing a maintenance pumping or inspection service will find the baffle in the bottom of the septic tank. Septic tank baffles must be attached and in working condition to consider the septic tank functional.

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Septic Tank Repair Services

Broken Baffles
Effluent Filters
Replace Orangeburg Pipes
Septic Tank Root Invasion
Distribution Boxes
Replace Cast-Iron Pipes
Seepage Pit Collapse
Broken Lids/Riser Installation
Replace PVC/ABS Pipes

It is important to note again that there are two equally important components to a septic system: the septic tank and the disposal field. When one portion of the of septic system has failed and needs to be replaced, it is referred to as a septic system alteration. Common situations where an alteration may come into play could be these:
if the septic tank is eroded or cracked beyond repair and the disposal field is still performing well, you may only need to replace the septic tank if the disposal field is oversaturated or the structure is compromised beyond repair, yet the septic tank is functioning properly, you may only have to replace the disposal field.

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​Permitting for an alteration is a similar, yet different set of steps. If the septic tank is all that needs to be replaced, many times you will be able to skip the perc testing. If the home is still the size (bedroom count) as the original system was permitted for, you can simply file an alterations permit to swap out like for like septic tanks. If additional bedrooms have been added without an increase in tank size, the County will make you account for those additional "bedrooms" and install a tank that is appropriate for the current structure of the home.

Permitting for an alteration of a disposal field can sometimes be accomplished easily if there is a valid record of the original percolation test that was completed on the property at initial installation. This would allow us an SAR number to calculate the new field. However, if the system is older and no valid perc test is on file with the County, another percolation test may be required. Since this is such a case by case situation, TKS Contracting is happy to do a little research on your original permitting process to be able to give you the most accurate estimate for your alteration.

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Septic System Abandonment

​​Septic tank risers are initially attached on new septic tank installations; however, many older style tanks do not have them. Septic tank risers bring the access of the tank to ground level or just below grade. This alleviates the need to pay for labor every time the tank needs to be serviced. It is also a great idea to do, pre-landscaping, so that when the tank needs to be pumped, we will just have to take off a couple lids versus disrupting your grass, rocks or removal of stone pavers.  

When original concrete lids have cracked or broken and need to be replaced many times the only fix is to install the risers since many concrete lids are no longer being manufactured. The can also hold true for the concrete "plugs" over the inspection openings of the septic tank.

Septic Tank Baffles & Effluent Filters

Septic backups can be the first sign that there is an issue within the septic system that needs to be repaired. Other times, you may not know you even have an issue until an inspection is completed during an ADEQ Septic Inspection. In either event, TKS Contracting has you covered.

We can help with those tilted or broken inlet and outlet baffles; cracked or broken effluent filters and replacement of Orangeburg, cast iron and PVC sewer lines running to your septic tank or disposal field. Root invasion at the sewer line/tank seal or from the tops of the lids is also very common here in the desert. We can treat those roots, reseal your tank to make it water-tight again without having to install an entirely new tanks. There are also issues that present themselves on the backside of the tank including broken or crushed sewer lines, broken distribution or junction boxes and other disposal field issues with leach lines or seepage pits.

 Regardless of the issue give us a call or send us a service request. 

We are happy to travel to your home or business to provide you with an estimateand go to work for you to fix it as soon as possible.  

Effluent filters are the filter assemblies that are integrated with the outlet baffle and dramatically help to protect solids from spilling into your disposal field. Most new style tanks come with these filters at installation. Older style tanks can have them installed as an extra step to protecting your disposal field. 

TKS Contracting can repair or replace your broken septic tank baffles, broken septic tank effluent filters or add a filter for septic tank protection. If your ADEQ Septic Inspection report came back NOT FUNCTIONAL or FUNCTIONAL WITH CONCERNS due to these issues, give us a call today! 

Septic System Alteration

Maricopa County is growing at a rapid pace. There are many capital improvement projects in the works throughout all of the Phoenix metro and surround cities. Some of these capital improvement projects include running new sewer lines through older septic neighborhoods. Although many areas do not make it mandatory to connect at the time the sewer is placed, many homeowners choose to do so or are forced to once their septic system fails.


​TKS Contracting can help you with this process. We are knowledgeable in permitting and will help you navigate your way through the paperwork and city processes in order to be able to tap into the city sewer system.  The old septic system is abandoned and the plumbing is re-routed in order to connect to the sewer. We also do main line extensions if necessary. Call us today to learn more 602-601-5751.

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