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Baffles are an integral part of the septic tank. The septic baffles help protect the sewer lines coming in to the septic tank and exiting the septic tank to the disposal field by keeping the waste out of the sewer lines. One compartment septic tanks will have two baffles - an inlet baffle on the end of the inlet sewer line and outlet baffle on the outlet sewer line to the disposal field.  Two compartment septic tanks will also have an interior baffle separating the two compartments inside the septic tank. 

Older septic tanks came with pre-cast concrete baffles that were attached to the septic tank walls. Over time, they will erode away. These concrete septic tank baffles can be replaced with new plastic baffles. Newer septic tanks can also lose the baffles due to poor installation or improper drain cleaning. Septic technicians providing a maintenance septic tank pumping or septic inspection service may find the baffle in the bottom of the septic tank. Septic tank baffles must be attached and in good-working condition for the septic tank to be functional.

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Effluent filters are the filter assemblies that are integrated with the outlet baffle and dramatically help to protect solids from spilling into your disposal field. Most new style tanks come with these filters at installation. Older style tanks can have them installed as an extra step to protecting your disposal field.

Filters can also be a cause of septic tank backups. Although the filters do help protect the disposal field, which is great, they can also be a place for solid wastes to get hung-up and prevent the effluent from leaching to the disposal field. If you find your septic tank backing up and you have an effluent filter in your septic tank, we recommend that you pull it out, spray it off and see if that will correct your leaching issues. 

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If your ADEQ Septic Inspection report came back NOT FUNCTIONAL or FUNCTIONAL WITH CONCERNS due to these issues, give us a call today! 

Septic Tank Riser Installation

​​​​Septic tank risers are attached on new septic tank installations; however, many older style septic tanks do not have them. Septic tank risers bring the access of the septic tank to ground level or just below grade. This alleviates the need to pay for labor every time the septic tank needs to have it's regular maintenance pumping. It is also a great idea to install septic tank risers prior to doing any extensive landscaping so that when the tank needs to be pumped, we will just have to take off a couple lids versus disrupting your grass, rocks or removal of stone pavers.  

When original concrete lids have cracked or broken and need to be replaced many times the only fix is to install risers since many concrete lids are no longer being manufactured. Sam situation for the concrete "plugs" over the inspection openings of the septic tank.

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Septic backups can be the first sign that there is an issue within the septic system that needs to be repaired. Other times, you may not know you even have an issue until you have an ADEQ Septic Inspection completed and a licensed inspector discovers missing baffles, roots, or broken lids and risers. Whatever the septic issue, TKS Contracting has you covered.

We can help with those tilted or broken inlet baffles and outlet baffles; cracked or broken effluent filters and replacement of Orangeburg, cast iron and PVC sewer lines running to your septic tank or septic disposal field. Root invasion at the sewer line or tank seal or from the tops of the septic lids is also very common here in the desert. TKS Contracting can treat those roots, reseal your septic tank to make it water-tight again without having to install an entirely new septic tank. There are also issues that present themselves on the backside of the septic tank including broken or crushed sewer lines, broken distribution or junction boxes and other septic disposal field issues with leach lines or seepage pits.

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